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Goodbye (for now)

That’s it. I’m hanging up my copywriting boots. I’m sad to make this decision, but also excited to make the most of what’s next. Lots of things have come together to finally bring an end to nearly eight years of freelancing.

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How to write effective web copy

Your website must be well written, engaging and easy to find. Hiring a professional web copywriter to produce compelling text is, without doubt, a good investment — and one which will probably pay for itself with a single new piece of business.

But if you’re planning to write the web copy yourself, read on to find out what you need to consider (in a nutshell) and for five top tips. I wrote this with an SME audience in mind, but it applies to anybody who has to write text for a website.

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Portfolio: The Financial Times — ‘About us’

Project overview

July — November 2010

The ‘About us’ section of the website was being updated and the content migrated from its current CMS to the WordPress platform.

The copy needed reviewing and rewriting or editing to make it as informative and engaging as possible. It also had to be ‘SEO friendly’.

Visit the ‘About us’ website.


Rewriting and editing content (body text, meta data such as <description>, alternative text, ‘micro copy’). Producing ‘web friendly’ content that was accessible, usable and optimised for both people and search engines. Uploading and editing content using the WordPress CMS, and providing support to the client on related queries (e.g. HTML coding to format text).

Example: ‘Corporate Responsibility’ landing page

(Click on the image for a larger version.)

Contact me to find out more about this project or to talk about working together.

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