Goodbye (for now)

That’s it. I’m hanging up my copywriting boots. I’m sad to make this decision, but also excited to make the most of what’s next. Lots of things have come together to finally bring an end to nearly eight years of freelancing.

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Story of a logo

I’ve been intending to talk a bit about my new logo since the updated site went live a few months ago. A featured post interviewing the logo’s designer, the talented Mariana Murabito at Monok, on popular blog LogoGala has kicked me into action.

It was important to me to establish a brand from day one of freelancing, to make me look professional, credible and also memorable. I spent quite some time thinking up a name that described the service I offered, then used the logo on my website, invoices, quotes and other documents.

In the beginning, there was…

The first design was my amateur attempt using Photoshop. I’m sure it would have made any ‘proper’ designer have kittens! However, as I was starting out with little funds, it was the best solution at the time.

I can’t say I gave any reasoned thought to its appearance; I tried out some simple colourways that I liked and chose a font that was …

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Useful tools: Delicious

In the second of this (very) occasional series about things I use to help me work, I want to talk about Delicious. It’s been around for a while, and indeed I’ve been using it since I started up as a freelancer. Its staying power can only be a good thing!

It’s ideal for keeping track of all those handy articles I find and read (or intend to read…), as well as sharing them via my websites. However, it was only at the weekend when I had a bit of a fiddle around with it that I discovered some handy features.

From many to one

Previously, I had a Delicious account for each of my blogs (which proliferate faster than I can keep up), with a different log-in for each. In addition, since Yahoo bought Delicious, many of these now have Yahoo log-ins instead.

Fed up with all these different usernames and passwords (plus I don’t use Yahoo for anything else), I decided to bring all my bookmarks (both public and private) under my …

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